Verbal Reasoning Pilot Aptitude Example Tests

Verbal Reasoning Practice Tests for Airline Pilots

A verbal reasoning test is designed to test your comprehension and verbal comprehension skills. It is also, indirectly, a test of your English skills as they may contain obscure words that many people whose first language is not English would be unfamiliar with. Airlines frequently use verbal reasoning tests as part of their initial screening process. It is something you can practice in order to improve your performance.

A verbal reasoning test consists of a paragraph of text. You will be instructed to read the text followed by the study of a series of statements. You must determine if the statements are true, false, or you are unable to determine based on the information in the text paragraph. Testing is usually done under tight time constraints. It is common that you cannot answer the questions in the allotted time. Although the rules may vary from test to test, be careful when rushing through the paper to answer all the questions, as they are often scored negatively. It is probably better to work quickly but with precision, rather than too quickly and making mistakes, even if it means not being able to answer all the questions.

You should not use your prior knowledge on any subject to answer the questions, you should only use the information contained in the text. For example, if in the text paragraph it says that “the sky is green”, and the previous statement that says “the sky is blue”, you must confirm that the statement “the sky is blue” is false because it does not does not agree with what is stated in the text.

We suggest that you approach the exam by reading the statement before reading the text. This will allow you to understand what information you are looking for and you can answer the question when you have verified the information. If you read the entire paragraph, you risk spending unnecessary time reading the whole text, when you could have stopped after the first few sentences.