How Much do Airline Pilots Get Paid?

How much do airline pilots get paid?

First officers (or co-pilots) can earn between £25,000 and £150,000 a year, while the annual salary for captains (pilots) can range from £100,000 to around £300,000. Pilot pay varies widely between airlines and countries, with factors such as type of operation, flow of aircraft and level of experience all affecting pilot pay. Generally speaking, the bigger the plane, the farther it flies, and the longer a pilot has been with that airline, the more the airline’s pilot gets paid. Many airlines have an annual salary increase that reflects the pilot’s length of service or seniority.

The Guardian (a British newspaper) said that in 2016 airline pilots were the 4th highest paid profession in the UK, earning on average £86,915 ($120,000 / €95,000), before taxes per year.

The roles of pilots

Airline pilots are divided into two roles; the captain and the first officer. The captain is responsible for the aircraft and ultimately responsible for the safety of passengers, crew and aircraft. The first officer assists the captain in the safe operation of flight with (most days) flight duties being divided equally, taking turns to fly the aircraft. First officer roles can be divided into junior first officer, second officer, or senior first officer. Training captains and co-pilots (pilots who train other pilots) would expect to earn an additional raise in addition to those listed below.

Salary scales

The figures below are intended to be used as a general guide and there will always be exceptions above or below the figures. Each airline has its own pilot pay scales which vary by type of operation and type of aircraft. The taxation applicable to each country will significantly modify the net (net) salary for a given gross salary. Please note that the dollar and euro figures shown are based on a conversion to British Pound Sterling. Salaries are updated to reflect conditions in 2021.